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The Expat Group can boast extensive success in handling complex Real Estate transactions. We have established a reputation for trustworthiness, value addition professional capabilities and skill in handling transactions requiring Real Estate specialties. Our genesis project ‘The Solitude’ on the outskirts of Pune paved the way for the emergence of the Land Trade, Property Sales and Contracting Divisions. However, in 2006, we continued to build on our strategic direction by expanding our operations to offer a broader array of services.

Property Sales

With some of India’s residential projects in our portfolio, our team of highly experienced professionals dedicated to Indian Property Management ensures that your property delivers maximum yields to you with minimum hassle. Our complete acquisition, management, solutions and proactive oversight ensure that we continue to hold your need above everything else.

Rest assured that whether you are looking for a luxury apartment, villas, land or second homes, we have searched and found the best available to make your property dreams a reality. Feel free to browse our current property offering, or contact us and let us know exactly what you are looking for.

Channel Sales

In an effort to expand our reach we launched Channel Sales. They function as external vessels spreading not only product information on Land Trade, Property Sales, and Projects etc., but also our values to potential investors across the globe. With professionalism, enthusiasm and a personalized touch to match the Expat brand, be in no doubt that your needs are understood based on your budget and requirements.

Land Trade

As the name suggests, this division advises you on all matters related to land acquisition and sale. Our first project on the outskirts of Pune spurred the development of this division and since then we have acquired and transacted over 8,000 acres of land of appreciable value. With careful scrutiny of property, distinctive market insight and competent negotiation skills we have accumulated an intimate knowledge of Land Trade. We owe this success to a network of well-established relationships with Associates, Landowners, Developers and Investors as well as the support from our in-house legal and research team. Our principle is to predict future demographic shift trends and purchase land well in advance, so that you can enjoy the returns.

Property Management

Property investments often constitute a big chunk of your portfolio investments, but are seldom looked after in like manner. Buy it and forget it – is often the overriding attitude – until of course you look at selling it! When undeniably a modest amount of attention can bring out the best value from your property investment and avert big capital outlays arising from neglect. This is where we offer hassle free comprehensive range of services to lease, redesign or refurbish, and re-align your portfolio.

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Services We Offer

  • 1 Insurance
  • 2 Mutual Funds
  • 3 Financial Planning
  • 4 Portfolio Management
  • 5 15 EC Bonds
  • 6 Income Tax Filing
  • 7 PAN Card services
  • 8 Stocks and Shares
  • 9 Retirement Plans
  • 10 Virtual Real Estate
  • 11 Gated Community Plots
  • 12 Portfolio Management
  • 13 15 EC Bonds
  • 14 Income Tax Filing
  • 15 PAN Card services
  • 16 Stocks and Shares
  • 17 Retirement Plans
  • 18 Virtual Real Estate
  • 19 Gated Community Plots

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